Mon Dyh - Murderer

Artist: Mon Dyh
Title Of Album: Murderer
Year Of Release: 1980
Label: Green Tree Records
Genre: Blues

"Murderer" is the first of three great albums that German group Mon Dyh released in the early eighties. Despite searching I have been unable to find out much about them on line. The liner notes look informative, but unfortunately (for me) they are in German. All I could get was this brief write-up in "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg":

"An obscure Berlin rock band, formed in 1979, and regulars on the local club scene for some years. Mon Dyh were very indebted to British styled blues and heavy rock, strongly song-saturated, in the early Groundhogs territory. Still unusual on occasion, and with some progressive touches, their gruff German accented Bruce Springsteen cum Tony McPhee styled vocalist takes some getting used to!"

Despite being called obscure, the photo below shows them playing in front of a huge-ass crowd! Yet they seem to have been all but forgotten! And in spite of the tepid comment from Cosmic Egg, I think that these Mon Dyh albums are nearly flawless. Everything about them is great - the songs, the musicianship, the production. The biggest improvement they could have made would have been to sing in German, which they finally did on their best and final album, "Am Galgen".

And guitarist and main songwriter Andreas Pröhl is probably the best unknown German rock guitarist of the 1980's. This is a real good album and I wish I had the skills to write a glowing review, but I don't so I just hope some of you will try it out.


01. Don't You Break My Heard 4:51
02. Murderer 3:57
03. Trying 4:58
04. Magic Piano 6:01
05. Just A Minute 3:46
06. Neetle Must Not Lay Down 4:31
07. One Second Man 2:49
08. Encounterd The Edge 5:58
09. All Along The Watchtower 4:51
10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6:08

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