Maurizio Pugno - Kill The Coffee

Artist: Maurizio Pugno
Title Of Album: Kill The Coffee
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Pacific Blues
Genre: Blues

Electric guitarist Maurizio Pugno is yet another Italian bluesman who, like contemporary peer Enrico Crivellaro, is making inroads on the American and international scenes. Working with singers, harmonica players, and co-songwriters Mark DuFresne or Sugar Ray Norcia, Pugno presents these originals solidly cast in the tradition of urban or traditional uptown blues. Pugno is not as distinctive as the outstanding Crivellaro, but moves in deliberate ways, and uses his very talented vocalists to showcase a broader range of styles. You hear classic shuffle, swing, two instrumentals, South Side Chicago sounds, and even a little Tex-Mex blended in. Norcia is a great singer as heard on his six features with Pugno, and adds his tasteful harmonica to the swing blues "Funny What Happens," the outstanding rocker "Big Party at My House Tonight," and the big-city shuffle title track. Where Sugar Ray's voice is a slight bit deeper, DuFresne has more of an edge in a higher range. Also playing a bit of harp for the southwestern tango "On Down the Trail Again," DuFresne mixes it up more on the soul ballad "Pray for Me" and the bompity-bomp jungle blues "Grey Matters." Pugno's twangy guitar takes center stage sans the singers for the rock swing jam "Tronfy the Weeper" and works with Sugar Ray's harmonica on the shortie "From Norcia to Gubbio." Kill the Coffee is easy enough to enjoy, especially for purist blues lovers who are looking for a new star to champion like Pugno. Having killer bluesmen like DuFresne and Norcia along for the ride on this fine album would never diminish his music on any level. ~ Michael G. Nastos


01. The Lion’s Den
02. Funny What Happens
03. I Like It Like That
04. Kill The Coffee
05. On Down The Trail Again
06. Tronfy The Weeper
07. Blue Soul
08. Drowning On Dry Land
09. Big Party At My House Tonight
10. Pray For Me
11. Gray Matters
12. E /Not me/
13. From Norcia To Gubbio
14. The Key

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