Stepson - Stepson

Artist: Stepson
Title Of Album: Stepson
Year Of Release:
Genre: Blues

An excellent hard/blues album, with Jeff Simmons on one track. Most of the songs were written by the group and the vocals and guitar parts are especially interesting (Rude Attitude, I Apologize, Burnin' Hurt). Arthur Lee of Love and Chris Hillman od The Byrds get "special thanks" on the cover.
Hawks, Newman and Gallucci had all previously been in Don and the Goodtimes and later with Hauser in Touch.
After the demise of TOUCH, 3 (of the 5) members went on and resurfaced in 1974 with this hard drivin' slab of attitude, swagger, fuzz and hammond. Jeff Simmons appears on one of the tracks and a heavy Detroit-vibe hangs in the air throughout.


01. Rule In The Book
02. Lil´ Bit
03. Rude Attitude
04. It´s My Life
05. I Apologize
06. Suffer
07. Back To Bama
08. Man, I´m A Fool
09. Turnpike
10. Burnin´ Hurt

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