Butler Twins Blues Band - The Butler's Boogie

Artist: Butler Twins Blues Band
Title Of Album: The Butler's Boogie
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Orchard
Genre: Blues

Detroit city, year 2000, Hastings street has been obliterated by the highways and some question whether Detroit still maintains its place as one of the nations blues capitals. Surprisingly enough, the scene still exists, not in the inner city, but out in the suburbs. Recorded live at the Attic bar in Hamtramck, MI, Butlers Boogie is a testament to the strength of Detroit blues 60 years after its heyday. Clarence and Curtis Bulter have lived the blues life: The brothers were born in Alabama then emigrated to Michigan in the '50s and worked in the factories most of their lives, playing music on the side. The duo brings their story to life with songs like "Goin' Down to the Juke Joint" and "Goin' Back Home." Clarence's lead vocals still have a powerful resonance expressing a true blues passion with every note. Occasionally, since this is a live album, the group's jams get a bit repetitive. Still, this isn't a fault to the music, in fact, the album only increases the desire to see the Bulter Twins live. ~ Curtis Zimmermann


1. The Butler's Boogie
2. Go'in Down To The Juke Joint
3. Who Told You That I've Been Fool'in Around
4. Too Old For You
5. I Believe I Got To Get Me A Black Cat Bone
6. Ain't Got Nobody To Tell My Troubles To
7. Wish'n Upon A Falling Star
8. Go'in Back Home

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